Discover the History and Health Benefits Of Green Tea

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It has been said that tea was first found in China. So it is no wonder that the history of green tea goes all the way back to this place. The first recorded claim that tea was beneficial to one’s health goes all the way back to 2737 B.C.

The first kind of tea that was ever processed was white tea; but later on they found a method of processing that enabled tea to have a longer shelf live, hence the discovery of green tea. At the time only the wealthy and extremely affluent can afford to have green tea as part of their regular diet. Since tea was extremely expensive during this period.

In Asia, as tea became more widely available, it has come to play a significant part in the daily lives of its people. Tea became a part of their everyday diet. At the time green tea was widely consumed not only for its taste but also for the many health benefits it contained, and its medicinal effects. While, in some culture tea became link with statues symbol.

Fast forward to today’s society tea, particularly green tea still remains a prominent part in people’s diet. Perhaps, now more than ever, since there have been many medical findings that support the notion that green tea is good for one’s health.

Green tea contains many components that nourishes the body. In some cases it even negates the destructive effects some illnesses has on the body. Research has shown that green tea contains properties that may help prevent the onset of various diseases. This includes ECGC- a component that medical experts say help to combat cancer.

Health Benefits of drinking green tea include:

1. In 1994 there was some medical findings released from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that stated that in Chinese women, and men, drinking tea minimized their risk of acquiring esophageal cancer by approximately 60 percent!

Other medical experts have studied that some components that is contained in green tea such as antioxidant and polyphenols may help in repressing the development of cancer cells.

2. Drinking green tea is good for a person’s heart. One of the benefits of drinking green tea is that it lowers a person’s chances of developing a heart disease.

3. Green tea promotes weight loss. There are some properties in green tea that when ingested, will help individuals burn more calories!

4. Drinking green tea means fewer trips to the dentist! Since green tea can kill bacteria in the mouth and help fight tooth decay! So not only adults should take advantage of the benefits of this beverage; children also should be encouraged to drink some delicious green tea, especially those who love eating sweets!

5. Green tea have been said to lower your blood sugar. Those who have diabetes might want to check with their doctors or nutritionist about the health benefits of green tea before incorporating green tea into their diet.

For any tea lover, green tea is a must in their diet. The great thing about drinking tea is not only does it taste good and have a soothing effect on the body; but some types of tea, like green tea for example have numerous health benefits on the body.

Plus, green tea contains less caffeine than other types of tea. So this is the perfect choice for those who are trying to limit their intake of caffeine. So why not have a cup of green tea today?

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