Alcohol and Cancer in Women

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A recent medical study proves that women who consume moderate amounts of alcohol greatly increase their risk of being stricken with a variety of types of cancer.

During routine visits to a variety of breast cancer screening clinics thousands of middle-aged women were quizzed about their consumption of alcohol over the past seven years.

Of those questioned a quarter said they did not use any alcohol during the time in question while the majority confessed to fewer than three drinks per day. For the purposes of the study the control group was comprised of women who had two or fewer drinks per week compared with those who acknowledged drinking daily in larger amounts.

It was revealed that for each additional drink on a daily basis would increase the risk of breast, liver and rectal cancer, by research groups at the University of Oxford in England.

Alcohol types consumed made no difference at all to the results, whether wine, beer or liquor. This concludes with earlier research that alcohol intake was linked to esophageal and oral cancers, but only when smokers consumed alcohol.

A contrasting study found that women who drank in moderation had a reduced risk of thyroid cancer, renal cell cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma; however these results are atypical given that women, as a general rule, have a lower risk of contracting these types of cancer as opposed to men.

Astonishingly approximately 118 out of every 1,000 women in developed countries will contract one or more of these cancers; however for those women who drink 4 or more glasses of alcohol daily the risk went to 133 out of 1000 stricken.

The UK found that 13% of those cancers had been linked or related to the consumption of alcohol. The study concluded with the warning that women who consume alcohol are increasing their risks of cancer, even if they drink in moderation.

If these results opened your eyes and you desire to stop drinking alcohol there are a variety of online groups that provide advice and support. At these sites you can find basic guidelines for achieving a life free of alcohol as well as other information on these sites.

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