Riverside Urologists Provide Comfort to Children and Adults

Riverside urologists diagnose, monitor, and treat children and adults who suffer from health issues of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. These specialists use both surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment on the kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, urinary system, male reproductive organs, and prostate.

After an initial exam, additional testing may be needed in order to make a correct diagnosis. CAT scans, MRIs, nuclear testing and blood tests may be required to pinpoint specific illnesses, tumors or cancer. Some conditions can be controlled with medication or lifestyle changes. Other concerns may not warrant treatment, but routine monitoring may be necessary to keep track of the condition in case it worsens.

These specialists are also able to perform various surgeries depending on the health concern. Surgeons can accomplish vasectomies and circumcisions, repair hernias and remove kidney and bladder stones. They are also skilled in repairing or removing bladders, removing the prostate gland and either repairing, removing, or transplanting kidneys.

Family physicians refer their male patients to these experts when a routine examination discovers abnormal prostate and kidney findings or testicular growths. A consultation is also recommended for an overactive or painful bladder, stones in the kidneys or bladder or blood in the urine.

Men with infertility issues also seek their assistance. Various tests are performed to determine the problem before choosing the right course of action. This issue can result from abnormal or decreased hormone levels, certain medications, diseases such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis or the use of alcohol or tobacco.

Women are referred to these doctors when abnormalities are found in an annual examination, x-ray or ultrasound. Females with bladder and kidney problems are treated including those who are pregnant. These doctors also remedy bladder infections and incontinence which occur more often in women than men. They are also able to perform pelvic reconstruction to strengthen this natural support structure that has been weakened by pregnancy and childbirth, age, strenuous exercise and surgery in the pelvic area.

A pediatric urologist treats conditions of the genitals of boys and urinary tracts of both boys and girls. The most common health issue is loss of urinary control such as bed wetting. Other disorders that these doctors can treat include bladder and kidney stones or birth defects, undescended testicles in boys and abnormally formed male reproductive organs.

Riverside urologists render needed services to children and adults experiencing health concerns in their urinary or reproductive systems. These physicians are well versed in both surgical and non-surgical methods to remedy issues that have been discovered after extensive examinations and tests.

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