Shaakambhari devi temple

 Adi Rudram Yajnam preformed by 121 Priests

For those who do not know, Swamiji is planning an Adi Rudra Yajnam for 2012 or 2013 depending on how quickly the elaborate preparations can be made.  Adi Rudram is hailed as the highest form of worship.  It is a massively elaborate ritual which requires 121 expert Purohits (Priests) and almost two week to accomplish.  Its power to bring peace and success to the people in the places where it is preformed is unparalleled.  The site for the Temple has been selected with the Adi Rudra Yajnam in mind.  The land has plenty of space to accommodate the 121 priests who will come for that ritual.  It is very difficult to find a suitable place for such an intense ritual.

 Road Building Project

Once the Temporary Temple structure is complete, the 1/2 mile dirt road must be brought up to the County standard for commercial properties.  Also roads on the property and a parking lot must be constructed.  This project is projected to cost about $85,000  

            Vanashankari Temple in Karnataka, India.  

Swamiji Leaving the Richomnd Area

When the Temple project has been completed, Swamiji plans to leave a priest and other care-takers in charge of the Temple and move further west into the mountains to begin work to build the first of four Mathas (Ashrams) as instructed by his Guru.  He will always keep the devotees in Richmond in his thoughts and prayers and visit the Shakambari Devi Temple annually until the year of 2032 when his work to bless the people will require extended solitude.  Devotees are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to work with Swamiji to build this sacred Temple.    


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                 Om namah shivaaya

                 Om namah shivaaya

                 Om namah dhivaaya

Devi Temple

A grand traditional Devi Temple will be built according to the Agama Shastra.  Though the main deity in the Temple now will be a Shivalingam, the site in Goochland is planned to be a Temple for Vanashankari (the Goddess of the Forrest).  Vanashankari (also called Shakambari Devi) is a form of Goddess Durga mentioned in the Chandi Patha.  She has Temples throughout India, the most famous of which are perhaps the Shakambari Devi Temples in Rajastan and Uttara Pradesh and the Vanashankari Temple in Karnataka.  When the land has been acquired there are plans to bring the Temple Architect, G Jayandra Sthapati from India to view the site and to draw plans for the Temple.  The Sthapati has mentioned that it is necessary to see the land before the size for murtis can be determined.  According to the Vaastu Shaastras the size of the Temple must determined by the size and shape of the land, and the murti sizes are determined by the size of the Temple.  When plans for the Temple have been completed, work can be begun on the murti for Shakambari Devi.  When the Traditional agamic Temple is completed with Gopurams (Temple Towers) and shrines to several deities, the Adi Rudram will be preformed along with Kumbhabhishekam for the Temple deities.  At this time the Ganapati, Dhanvantari and Shiva Lingam will be installed in outlaying shrines on the property.  According to the devotees wishes, the Large Shivalingam will be kept in a place where the devotees can offer abhishekam as in the many sacred Shiva Temples of North India. 

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