Why your business should have a blog: an example from a san diego cosmetic dentist

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Blogging is a fairly new social media platform that is fast becoming a popular form of marketing for many businesses.  As a professional blogger myself, I believe that every business should participate in blogging.  Just like every business should be following what people are saying about them via social networks and social media, every business should be blogging as well.   

Many business owners believe that having a company blog or participating in social networking is a waste of time and provides no return on investment.  Tell that to Dell, the computer company that attributed $3 million in sales due to Twitter.

So, why should your company have a blog?  Here are a couple reasons:

You have more of a chance of being discovered in a search engine like Google.  Unlike regular websites, blogs are on the search engines’ radars because blogs are updated more often.  Search engines love fresh, relevant content.

Blogs enable your company to interact with your customers, plus you can build a community of loyal customers who appreciate your services and what you have to say.  By providing value via tips, news or articles on topics related to your business, you establish a relationship with your customers.  They will remember you the next time they need your product or service.

A good example of a business that provides value via their blog is this San Diego Cosmetic Dentist…

Dr. Timothy Collins and Dr. David Landau are dentists who own a practice called Complete Dental Health located in San Diego, California.  Besides owning a regular static website that contains a host of information about their business, they also own a blog that offers dental health tips and advice, plus news about the dentistry field. 

Let’s say that someone in San Diego was searching for a dentist, but this web-savvy person wanted to find a dentist with a blog.  He/she does a Google blogsearch for “San Diego dentist”.  Guess what blog shows up in the top results?  That’s right – the Complete Dental Health’s blog shows up near the top of the list.   So the potential customer reads the Complete Dental Health blog and likes the information.  This potential customer then decides to call Complete Dental Health to set up an appointment. 

Although this is a very simplistic example of what happens when you blog for business, maybe it will banish any of those thoughts that blogging is just a “trend” and isn’t worth exploring as a way to attract new customers.

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