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posted by Savanah on Mar 8

For many people there a just a few selections of words or phrases that will come to mind immediately when asked to name something associated with the city of Rome. I actually tried this on a few different people, in different places and from different demographic backgrounds and aside from my brother, who said, pizza, they all responded by saying the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Pope , the Catholic Church or architecture. Okay, a few more people said pizza than my brother. In fact quite a few said pasta, pizza, Italian food or wine. I was just anticipating that they would all say something from the above-mentioned list. And while many, maybe even most did, there was actually a much larger percentage that first thought of the food and drink of this historic city than what I expected.

So, it turns out that Italian food isn’t just popular in the United States, it even has quite a following right there in Rome. And there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that serve the finest of local cuisine as well as great food from around the world. However, for my brother and other individuals in my study, not to mention the many guests in some of the historic suites in a Rome hotel , pizza, pasta and dessert and wine are on their minds.

Da Baffetto is one of the local pizzeria’s that is perfect for eager tourists who want to enjoy some of Rome’s best pizza as well as take in the city’s ambiance. This is also an inexpensive and affordable place to enjoy a delicious pizza and there is seating both indoors and out on the sidewalk. It is covered and heated during the colder winter months, but is open and a great place to sit and enjoy the passersby as you eat your pizza. Trattoria Monti is a great option for a wider variety of pastas and foods and most of its selections are based on the regional offerings of the Marches, which is located just northeast of Rome. And while so many people are interested in the great food of the city I’m sure that as soon as they’re finished eating, they’re planning on running straight over to view Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel.

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