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If possible, have a friend help you in order to get the most accurate measurements. Begin
by relaxing your arm and resting it on a table, bending it slightly to create a small bend
in the elbow. Your arm should not be completely straight, nor fully bent.

Hold measuring tape around your wrist, going over that little bone (ulnar styloid process)
on the outside. Pull tape to the point of gentle tension; there should be no slack, but
you should not be pulling so hard that the tape creates an indentation. Write down this
measurement in inches or centimeters.

Next, move the measuring tape up your arm so that it goes around the thickest area of your
forearm – usually just below the elbow crease. Use the same amount of gentle tension and
record the measurement.

Finally, bring the measuring tape to the thickest part of your upper arm. If you have any
extra skin here, gather it together as much as possible. You should hold the tape a bit
tighter here so that all your skin is encircled evenly.

For the gauntlet, you should let your fingers relax, and bring the measuring tape so it’s
just under your knuckles. Pull gently so the tape has no slack. Record the measurement.

If you are in-between sizes, choose the size that more closely fits your wrist than your
upper arm.

Please consult a medical professional to ensure a proper fit.

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