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Ghana International Dialing Code Is +233.

How To Call Ghana: +233 – Area Code – Phone Number

  • Call Accra: +233 – 21 – Phone Number

Ghana is one of the most developed African countries in terms of communications. It was among the first African nations to privatize the phone market in 1992, issuing a public offer for the country’s incumbent Ghana Telecom, and one of the first nations to introduce Internet, including ADSL technologies, on the continent. This must be one of the main reasons for its advanced telecom infrastructure and high-rate competition in the sphere. For the present moment Ghana Telecom is acquired by new investor, and its main competitor in the fixed-line telephony market, Westel, has already been privatized again in 2007. However, due to low quality of fixed lines in Ghana, mobile telephony tends to overpass it in the amount of subscribers and its desire to seize the market. This fact is proved by the 20:1 prevalence of mobile lines over landlines. National network coverage still comprises 35% but is gradually growing, and the competition promises to become fiercer with introduction of two more mobile operators in addition to already existing four ones. Voice and data services are highly advanced for the region, and the companies are interested in developing them further. 3G is a newly introduced technology in Ghana, so it’s not as spread as it could be, but represents the future of the mobile market.

There are five main players in the mobile market, and the leading one is MTN, which is still responsible for over 50% of total share. Then comes Millicom Ghana, One Touch (now Vodafone), Kasapa and newly introduced Zain. One Touch, nearly fully privatized by Vodafone, is a subsidiary of Ghana Telecom. However, it hasn’t shown much success in mobile telephony, though, having been acquired by Vodafone it leaves much promise for future. One more mobile operator, Nigerian Glo Mobile, is still to be introduced.

Internet penetration in Ghana comprises only 3%, due to the low quality and coverage of fixed lines. The connectivity also can’t boast its stability, and the rates are high. However, the situation may change with Ghana’s connection to international bandwidth. There are nearly 140 ISPs in Ghana, but 30 of them are active now. Network capability is borrowed from Ghana Telecom, which lives the last days of its Internet monopoly. The services are highly developed (including VoIP) and competition is fierce. WiFi is encouraged as an alternative means of Internet connectivity.

International Ghana Phone Cards – Prepaid Ghana Calling Cards

Call Ghana Calling Cards

Best calling rate to Ghana is 5.38.
Top Prepaid Phone Cards to call Ghana:

Call Ghana 8.94c/minGhana PC To Phone Call.
Computer calls only.


Call Ghana 5.38c/minRates for Local Access
Connection Fee: 18c. (calls over 1 min.)
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee – 89c/week
Rounding – 3 min.
Details | Rates


Call Ghana 5.58c/min


Call Ghana 6.3c/min


Call Ghana 6.76c/minRates for Local Access
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee – 85c/week
Connection Fee – 20c
Rounding – 3 min
Details | Rates


Call Ghana 7c/minRates for Local Access
PIN Free Access! Permanent PIN
Maintenance Fee – 99c/week
Connection Fee 16 cents
Rounding – 3 min
Details | Rates

Call From Ghana Phone Cards

Best calling rate from Ghana is 70.00.
Top Internation Calling Cards to call from Ghana:

Call From Ghana 9.29c/minGhana Web Call.
Web initiated calls only.


Call From Ghana 9.2c/min


Call From Ghana 1.95c/minGhana PC To Phone Call.
Computer calls only.


Call From Ghana 70c/min


Call From Ghana 70c/min


Calling to Ghana related area(s): Accra, Ghana Mobile.

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