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from the International Director
Women Behind DigitalEve International
Women Behind DigitalEve Canada

Welcome from the Canadian Director

Welcome to DigitalEve Canada!

Whether you are from the Maritimes or the West Coast, from Montreal or Mississauga,
there is probably a DigitalEve Canada chapter somewhere near you. And that
is because an amazing group of committed women have come together to form
a national network of chapters for women who are interested in technology
and new media. When you become a member, you become a part of a vibrant
and passionate community.

DigitalEve is committed to furthering the goals of women in technology careers
and interests. You may be a technical writer, a dot-com entrepreneur, a
Flash guru or a project manager; whatever your calling, there is a niche
for you in DigitalEve. Converse with like-minded women, learn from their
experiences, get out and volunteer with your chapter and contribute to the
amazing phenomenon that is DigitalEve.

In June 2000, a group of women from across the planet came together virtually
to form the kernel of what is now an international organization with over
ten thousand members – and we’re just barely launched! With international
SIGs and training programs, monthly meetings and social events, and a network
of chapters across Canada, the US and Europe, we have a lot to offer. We
hope that you will benefit from your contact with DigitalEve!

Join us for technology, creativity and community.

Jennifer Evans
DigitalEve Canada: Women on the Web

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