The truth about getting commissions

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Foolproof Way to Picking Lucrative Affiliate Programs That You Can
Promote on Complete and Total Auto-Pilot (pages 7 and 8) How
to Twist the Affiliate Toolbox Paradox to Your Advantage (page 8) The
Real Secret to Ensuring a Steady Flow of Commissions during Tough Times
(pages 10 and 11) The
Dark Dirty Secret Everybody Wishes Stayed in the Closet with the Other
Skeletons (
While they
might not want to admit it, it’s how successful marketers rake in
OBSCENE profits
. It’s
exposed in shocking detail on page 13)
to Keep Your Downlines Active
(People drop out because they are not getting the results they
expect. This simple tactic prevents the “unrealistic expectations”
monster from rearing it’s ugly head)
Piggy Back Method of Exploding Your Downlines
(You see this everyday and probably don’t
even realize it)
Real Reason Why Marketers Buy Products/Services and Upgrade in Programs The
7 Factors That Ultimately Determine Whether You Will Be Successful or
Not (page 5) The
5 BIG Reasons Why Programs Fail

(For your financial well being, stay away from programs
exhibiting anyone of these traits)
to Pre-sell Opportunities and Affiliate Programs With Deadly
Effectiveness (You’ll find this section dealing with the
forbidden psychological marketing tactics professional copy writers use
to create buying trances
(pages 18 to 20) When
Your Prospects are Most Likely to Buy Or Upgrade.
you don’t act on this, you will be throwing thousands of dollars out
the window) And
much much more

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