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Muscovy Ducks
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Navy In Vietnam
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Kitchen Wares
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Cooking, Recipes, Nutrition and More
All relevant sites related to cooking, recipes, nutrition and food preparation. Find all of the famous chefs and get their recipes. Get copy cat recipes of dishes prepared at all popular restaurants. Recipes for any type of food categorized by meal, ingredients, nationality, regions, with many rated by users to identify only the best. Most comprehensive cooking site online.
Mission Grounds Coffee : The Gourmet Coffee Helping Children
Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee: The gourmet coffee caring for children. We sale a premium Costa Rica coffee and give all the profits to care for and support impoverished children. We offer coffee, gift baskets, premium coffee,a monthly coffee plan and allow other non profits for fundraising to sale our coffee to help their missions. We also provide bibles for free or at hugely discounted prices.

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