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If you are around the same age as I am you will remember the film phenomena called ‘Ghost Busters’.  In the film the ghost busters team were inundated with calls from people experienced paranormal activity.  The phone was ringing off the hook and they were spending their days and nights clearing locations from these unwanted visitors.

The Beyond Belief Paranormal Events team is feeling a little bit like the ghost busters team as requests for help coming through our website are increasing at quite a rate!  This week the team are interviewing two families who are living with strange occurrences and have asked for our help.

So, its got us asking whats going on?  is the increase in calls due to the Beyond Belief team building a great reputation for this type of work in the community?  is it due to increased activity in Victoria, possibly to do with 2012 and the energy shift that people are talking about? Is it that people are feeling more comfortable talking about the paranormal and reaching out to people that work in this field?

Whatever the reason, the Beyond Belief Paranormal Events team volunteer their time to help by providing high quality and professional support to people experiencing unexplained activity.  

What can you expect from the team?  Clients who contact us are asked to meet with a couple of team members who will collect comprehensive information about what is happening.  Information is gathered sensitively and without judgement and is kept in the strictest confidence.  The information helps us to determine what the next steps might be, which could include an investigation. 

At all times the clients remain in control with full consultation throughout the process.  Our relationships with our clients are enduring and we maintain support as long as the client requires it.  We don’t just investigate and then disappear!

With the work we do with private clients, the public events we host and the workshops we have planned – 2013 will be a busy year!  But of course, we love it!

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