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Article from the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant about baclofen for addiction:

The University of Amsterdam started a major study into the effects of Baclofen, an experimental drug addiction. Is this the magic pill that will bring salvation to include alcoholics, drug addicts and addicts smoke?

Will a pill much needed assistance to many addicts? It could be because the gamma-aminobutyric acid ‘baclofen’ has a healing effect on some addictions. The UvA launch a major study into the effects of baclofen, the Times wrote today.

Since the nineties research into baclofen, a drug normally used as a muscle relaxant or spasticity in multiple sclerosis. But until 2004 the public heard it, when the French cardiologist Olivier Ameisen’s book published the end of my addiction. Ameisen had himself been seriously abused alcohol, until he himself was administered relatively high doses of baclofen. The agent suppressed the yearning for full Ameisen, he wrote.

How baclofen, in the form of a pill is administered, the addiction in the body is not known. Professor Reinout Wiers of baclofen UvA think might work in people who seek their salvation in fear of addictive substances. “People who do that from a more positive emotion, we do not baclofen will have much effect,” Wiers said. One assumption of the researchers is that the muscle relaxant is a calming effect on addicts who are trying to curb their anxiety.

Whether the baclofen effect on the mental state or physical condition of patients can not say Wiers. “In those cases, addiction is often run together,” Wiers said. Currently, the researchers sought to addicts who want to participate in the study, which will be conducted by addiction Solutions.

All types of addicts allowed to report, as the medical-psychiatric addiction but has been established. A compulsive gambler is not eligible, because there is no official medical indication exists. Bram Bakker of Solutions believes that most subjects will have an alcohol problem. That is the largest group of addicts in the care. But smokers can register.

Psychiatrist Baker wrote baclofen for itself in a hundred patients. Among them were alcoholics and addicts to cocaine, cannabis, benzodiazepines and GHB. He estimates that about half of that group no longer used. “I think it works. But the mainstream addiction takes out his nose in there. We want to change. ” Baker is currently talking with a pharmaceutical company over the marketing of baclofen, especially for addicts. Lots of money can no longer be earned, since the patent for the drug have expired years ago.

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