Perfume is a woman armed their own “weapons”, the women decorated by more flavor and perfume sexy. Even in the emotional moment,Designer handbags sexy fragrance that desire becomes a “catalyst”, it adds enough to tame the opposite sex’s charm and courage. They are sexy and touching, it is connected deeply with your soul. Perfume, not only interpretation of the quality, taste, or embellishment to create a romantic mood of a special props.

Cocoa. Chanel once said: “No woman perfume has no future.”
Provocative in the eyes, attractive waist swing, obviously the curve, the mysterious black dress completely pornographic image, such women may not be suitable for a normal life, but for a particular moment, because this type of woman always very popular with men ages. Type of perfume is sexy woman’s heavy artillery, need to be smart to use them, you know men are visual + olfactory also sensitive animals, men see things for what they have with the smell! Otherwise they would not really accept the subconscious ,Gucci Purse will lose the attractive decorative effect.
Want to change their own destiny, not quickly identify the most under the following Which perfume suits you?
Anna Sui Live Your Dream dream into a mirror is really special in Anna Sui10 launched to commemorate the anniversary of the perfume, and like Anna Sui perfume bottle with the same name, adding the pink tone to attract the girls are very beautiful, and then to design a frame encrusted roses Behind the box, brand style filling.
Comments: The flavor aspects, Live Your Dream dream come true mirror of other Anna Sui perfume is different from the overall integration of the basement for the woody floral fragrance with top notes Aqua bell orchid petals interpretation of female energy integration, compared with top notes of white pepper Add a full breath of self-confidence, so that fragrance beginning to show women fresh vitality; then the tone in the Bulgarian rose is because of the fresh and sweet jasmine with, so romantic feminine fragrance distribution intriguing layered ; teak, cedar, sandalwood fragrance of light wood, surrounded by musk, Dayton plus beans, showing elegant retro atmosphere.
From bottle to fragrance brands are the classic elements of the assembly, the lock will be in the bottle brand visualize the classic Kelly bag into the bottle designs; and lay out on the flavor, but also to convey the Shang Hao “skin” flavor characteristics of finish without a break, so the vine roses, Hong Jin outside and then put the taste of vanilla, floral notes so escape out of the traditional atmosphere,Chanel Sunglasses it is a unique and personalized.
Comments: bottle very generous, reveals an elegant, small lock locked inside the smell, as if opened you can smell the faint fragrance, so this summer you can distribute woman sexy charm, is definitely able to to kill a man around.
N ° 5 to play its strong magic, low-key elegance and sophistication around the aroma of a woman. The fragrance spray at any time, represents the feminine, sexy women to express themselves, and continue to have this sense of magic.
Comments: There is no doubt, the most sexy actress Marilyn Monroe name favorite Chanel perfume, CHANEL 5 number is the world’s most famous perfume, CHANEL 5 issue of the founders of Ennis. Ms. Martin with CHANEL together to create a perfume history miracle. CHANEL 5 paragraph number is the first synthetic floral fragrance bottle, inspired by the flowers, combines luxury and elegance, and show women’s courage and daring, sexy, bold and yet elegant.
Givenchy (GIVENCHY) Jardin D’interdit cherished secret garden Classic Eau de Toilette, sweet floral and fruity with flowers and will look forward to strong feelings of love made perfect interpretation of cranberry leaves, pears, kiwi fruit to reconcile the dream top notes, with pink raspberry, wild rose and peach floral display in an elegant and romantic tune,Gucci Sunglasses and finally by the orchids and the Ebony wood left after the taste fresh and moist. As if every woman in full bloom inside the “secret garden” in the fresh fruit, boost mood turned into the exclusive “fragrance juice” and a perfect seal in the fragrance bottle, the anytime, anywhere, can bring sweet with point slightly acidic aroma of green fruit!
Comments: just looking to feel good ^ ^ although the top notes are fruity but not sweet, the most important or a little fresh green flavor of the flowers, smell the breeze feels like blowing sunny noon Garden-like …
Bright, soft and smooth. BOSS fashion female fragrance combines these qualities; a representative of the modern woman’s scent, delicate scent. BOSS fashion elegance female fragrance underlines the modern woman. BOSS Creative Director said, “It represents the evolution of feminine, is a bright white flowers and a combination of musk fragrance is sexy and modern distribution and modern femininity.”
Fragrance: woody musk; Top notes: citrus, black currant bud, small Azure <; notes: oriental lily, Prynne, rose petals; tone: musk, apricot, orange months
Comments: once in the “Queen” which was named fox perfume, very sexy, very feminine! Confident, real, with ease of movement gentle and feminine and elegant oriental fragrance, stunning … The EDP of the left internal elegance, will call captivating image of women. Wandering, detailed,Prada Handbags warm scent has surpassed the wisdom and modern, it is full of temptation, BOSS’s most imaginative fragrance for women.

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