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After years of working under a construction company, I was now looking for a change. I had enough knowledge, experience and qualification which make me eligible to be a contractor and start my own business. I was looking for contracts that provided me with maximum profits. Now that I was not associated with any company, I noticed that people were not willing to trust me. Still in the beginning, as many of my friends were well aware of my work and experience, they recommended me a couple of projects. I continued the work but was still not happy with the commission I was earning. I assumed that it would be a great opportunity if I could get hold of any government project. When I disclosed my desires to my friends, one of them asked me to log on to Indian government tenders portalthat is available.

I found various companies and organizations that were looking for different services. I found various government projects that included building construction, road construction, irrigation related work, pipe line projects and much more. I was well experienced with building and road construction and so I moved ahead to get more information about the same. As I dug deeper, I easily found all the necessary information needed to gain a particular contract. The type of tender, competition, document fee, tender value, last bid submission date and contact details; everything was clearly mentioned on the website. All the companies and organizations listed on the website were looking for latestIndian tenders that met all their needs with best value for money. This was a great opportunity for me to step ahead and gain access to the most profitable project. For this, I chose the company that interested me and accordingly prepared tender documents. I included all my experiences, competencies, qualification and the pricing, schedules and other details associated with my proposal. I also aimed at informing them about some of the benefits that my service could enable to the company. Timely bid submission and exclusive pricing strategy seemed to have impressed the other party. I eventually won the contract and thus marked a wonderful journey of my professional life.

At first, as I was working under a construction company, I never got involved in the process of tendering directly. I did not have any exact information related to tenders. My friend explained quite a bit about the process in great detail, for which I am truly grateful to him. He was the one who introduced me to the online tendering platform, which showcased hundreds of organizations in need of certain goods and services. They invited various interested contractors and suppliers with tender documents and later selected the one that assured them quality services for an alluring bid. My friend suggested that I kept an eye on Indian tender information available on the internet.

I had a remarkable experience with the contractual job for it enabled me achieve my goals. Since then , I have always made use of resources that helped me apply for contracts with greater convenience, for instance, the internet.

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