Body Shape

Body Shape

Body Shape

Can I change the shape of my Body ? If I get
healthier will my body look and feel better? I feel tired whether I exercise or not, so
why do it?

We tend to see our bodies as objects molded and
fixed in shape and material. The opposite is true, we are constantly changing patterns of
tissues and energies (biochemical). Your fat cells fill up with fat and empty out
constantly, so that all of it is exchanged every three weeks. Your skin is new every five
weeks. Your skeleton, which most people think of as solid and ridged, is entirely new
every three months. Cell by cell we change and adapt constantly. Every year 98% of the
total number of atoms in your body are replaced. This constant changed is controlled by
the actions of your body and mind. Your Health depends on every action you take from today
forward. You cannot change the status of yesterdays cell activity but you can influence
what information the body and mind transfer to the cells today.

When you put a drop of pond water under a
microscope, it will be full of one-celled plants and animals. Each amoeba may have a life
span of only two or three weeks. But because amoebae multiply by division, the some of the
genetic material inside each amoeba is as old as the first mother cell it came from
centuries ago. The actual atoms and molecules inside the amoeba have not inhabited it for
long. They come and go constantly, nevertheless, the amoeba retains its shape and identity
generation after generation. As long as the amoeba’s DNA is not destroyed this cell will
house its portion of life forever.

Your body which is composed of 50 – 100 trillion
cells is certainly more complex than the amoeba, but even with the endless movement of
atoms flying through it you do not dissolve your shape or identity. Your DNA is descended
from its distinctly human ancestor for at least 2 million years. You are reasonably
permanent at the genetic level.

Your basic skeletal structure is defined by genetics
but adaption can significantly influence the details of that structure. Bunions,
callouses, fractures, repetitive movements, sprains and strains can all produce stresses
on the skeletal system which rapidly (3 months or less) conforms to the new stresses. To
increase the positive outcome of the physical stresses applied to our bodies each day we
can begin to monitor and control the action our bodies take to respond to those stresses.

Preferably you can choose to take action that is
preventative rather than combative. If you can prevent unwanted stress your body will not
need to adapt to it. If prevention is not possible you may choose to prepare for the
stresses by creating a body and mind that is balanced nutritionally, structurally,
biomechannically and emotionally.

The role of the Health Support Center is to support
you in identifying and developing that Neuro-Biomechanical Balance Point that allows you
to function today as well as your genetic structure will permit. Our point of focus is not
only the immediate reduction of negative symptoms of functional imbalances but the
progressive improvement of each individuals functional efficiency. Health is a compounding
factor, the healthier you get the more efficient you become at getting healthier.

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