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First and foremost, access and stability.  We
have been providing users with web and POP3 access for over 5 years.  We know what we
are doing and provide stable, safe, private email accounts.  If you need to be able
to always receive and send your mail, we have a better uptime than either yahoo or
hotmail.  Unlike other mail services, when someone sends you an email – there is no
backlog, no delay, you receive the email within seconds. Same when you send.
Great domain names.  We offer over 100 domain
names to pick from and if you choose to go with our Super Happy #1 Fun Accounts, you get
your name at everyone of our domains where available. As a Super Happy #1 Fun user, you
also get your name at all new domains, on average we add 1-2 domains a month. You can
check availability before you signup or ” to see a list
of all our domains.
A clean and powerful interface.  Our webmail
interface is not cluttered with ads or popups.  You will never see a popup or banner
ad the entire time you use evilemail, from login screen to support forums, no banner
ads.  The system navigation is clear and and intuitive.  Our system includes,
spam filtering, spell checker, attachments, auto-responders and more. IE5+ users also have
drag and drop functionality.

We also have numerous styles or themes you can select for your account, from the
devilish hell, to the simple and light black and white.

Your privacy and voice is respected.  What truly
separates us from all other mail providers is our commitment to your right to anonymously
voice dissent.  Your account is not pulled in some knee-jerk reaction because someone
complained.  This is not to say you can break the law using our accounts, but if you
need to voice a dissenting opinion that is going to upset someone, we will do everything
legally possible to shield you from the recipient.

We never share or release your information to advertisers or other sites.  
With no banner ads, there is no outside tracking happening on our system, it is a closed,
private site.

Also, unlike hotmail or yahoo, we do not attach your ip address to outgoing mail
sent using the web interface.  Most other web mails send this telling piece of
information with every email, letting people know exactly who sent it.  We do NOT!

Easy to use spam filters. We have over 17 outside
sources and 9 spam profiles used to judge and weight each mail.  Our unique weighting
system aggregates the information and correctly decides if the mail is spam or not.
  Freeing you from having to wade through all the junk.  Please read the instructions
for these spam filters
so you can see how powerful this system is.  We believe it
is the most sophisticated and powerful spam filtering system for any mail service.
  It Offers you unique control over your own inbox.
Support.  24 hour response time on all emailed or
forum posted issues.  We actively monitor our system 24/7 with self healing software
that can monitor the mail server and react to the changing conditions.

We also constantly monitor our abuse accounts for all our domains.  Our strict
anti-spam policy guarantees your mail will get through.  You can check our “.

If you have any questions, comments, or problems – please email “or post in our “

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