Hi my fellow healthy hair LOVERS

Now I’ve been on my journey for three years now and this is my very first time wearing a wig/weave since starting my journey.. Now before I started my journey I was all over it, taking better care of the wig/weave than my natural hair, hence starting my HHJ. Now that I know better while my hair is tucked away, I’m taking great care of my hair underneath this PS. I bring it (my hair) out once a week for either a wash or a co wash. I moisturize and seal every other night. Being that my hair isn’t exposed I’m able to keep the moisture in.

I’m not into spending a pretty penny on hair especially since having children and not even knowing if I’m going to like the hair so for my first time back at the wigs/weaves, I just purchased my hair from my local beauty supply store. The hair is Model Model soho curls long, it says 100% human hair 4 bundles came in the pack, inches were two 14″ and two 16″. I did co-wash the hair before making the u-part using my Suave’s professional. This was actually my first time making my own u-part wig and it was very, very, simple.

This is my second week and this hair is holding up incredibly. It still very soft, little shedding to no shedding and no tangles which is awesome. I really love the way it came out. Tell me what you think.

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