Lynda and Chris Chanin Biog

“As independent pharmacists we have over the last 18 years cared for you, our patients using conventional modern medicines and advice. Many of you have developed a high degree of trust in us as medical advisors.

However, we began to appreciate the importance of the power of your minds in your own healing process and your concern over the side effects caused by many modern medicines.

So we have spent thousands of pounds and days and days in lectures, taking notes from some of the most successful people of today, studied hundreds of books and listened to hours of tapes to learn the best ways of helping your minds heal your bodies.

We found that these ways were mainly based on the wisdom handed down through the generations – in it’s simplest form – mind over matter.

We are now promoting these beliefs using reflexology and aromatherapy to start with, which give the deep relaxation that can help to cure as well as give more specific benefits.

As pharmacists, our background historically involved providing  beauty products. In many areas health and beauty are very closely linked. We strongly believe that looking good makes you feel better which helps the healing process hence we are offering top quality and reasonably priced nail extensions and makeovers.

Later both the health and beauty side will be expanded, as you tell us which areas you would like us to move into.

Obviously you may be nervous of trying these complementary and beauty therapies, but we are so confident that you will benefit from them that we offer a no quibble money back guarantee (see bottom of each page) at Chanin’s.

“Now where else do you get all that?”

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